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Special Presentation
Special Presentation

What separates the successful and the failures in life? Is it a question of hard work, talent, or just plain luck? Jasmine Trinca (Wondrous Boccaccio LIFF15) gives a mesmerising, tour-de-force performance (winner of Best Actress, Un Certain Regard at Cannes Film Festival 2017) in Sergio Castellitto’s emotionally charged tale of a single mother fighting for her independence.

Fortunata ("Lucky") has had a difficult life, a daughter of eight and a failed marriage behind her. Travelling daily from her working class suburb to attend the homes of rich women, where she works as a hairdresser, her dream is to get lucky by winning the lottery and open her own salon. She has best friend Chicano (Alessandro Borghi, I Was a Dreamer LIFF17) and her daughter at her side, and the gumption to make it stick; what’s still standing in her way is her security guard ex-husband Franco (Edoardo Pesce God Willing LIFF15), who’s contesting for custody of their child.

When a court order places her child in therapy, which is the last thing Fortunata needs, fate intervenes when she encounters the deeply compassionate Dr. Patrizio (Stefano Accorsi Italian Race LIFF16).

Sergio Castellitto
Jasmine Trinca, Stefano Accorsi, Alessandro Borghi, Edoardo Pesce, Hanna Schygulla
Italian with English Subtitles | 2017 | 103 mins | Drama
Jasmine Trinca shines.
Screen Daily
Sergio Castellitto
Director: Sergio Castellitto

Sergio Castellitto is a multi-award winning actor and director, best known for his starring role in Italy’s In Treatment and for directing Don’t Move 2004, in which he co-starred alongside Penelope Cruz. Fortunata marks the fifth time he’s collaborated with his wife, author, and screenwriter Margaret Mazzantini, who wrote the novel the film is based on.

Best Actress, Un Certain Regard, Cannes Film Festival 2017
Best Actress (Jasmine Trinca), Best Supporting Actor (Alessandro Borghi), Nastri d’Argento Awards 2017
Un Certain Regard, Cannes Film Festival 2017

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