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From the director of Perez (LIFF15) comes this internationally acclaimed, striking festival highlight. It ventures into territory rarely seen in the cinema, and does so with understanding and sensitivity. Grounded in modern-day Italy, but also highly imaginative, Indivisible is a beguiling portrait of conjoined twin sisters.

Connected at the hip, 18-year-olds Daisy and Viola are gifted with beautiful voices and often sing at local weddings, family functions, and communions. Their father, a seedy small-time businessman, has turned them into an entertainment act in order to support the family and, ultimately, fill his own pockets. A chance meeting with a doctor reveals that the twins can be safely separated. The ensuing drama is twofold. The twins each have somewhat different views on what this radical step could mean. Their father, meanwhile, is apoplectic when confronted with the possibility of no longer being able to cash in on his daughters.

The tender authenticity of the sisters’ bond sits in stark contrast to the extremes of arrogance, greed and lust that surround them; aided by the terrific, break-out performances from real-life twin sisters Angela and Marianna Fontana.

Edoardo De Angelis
Angela Fontana, Marianna Fontana, Antonia Truppo, Massimiliano Rossi
Italian with English Subtitles | 2016 | 104 mins | Drama
A mood piece humming with energy and marked by wondrous moments.
The Village Voice
Edoardo De Angelis
Director: Edoardo De Angelis

Born in Naples, where he still lives, De Angelis first discovered his love of filmmaking at 19 and went on to study at the National Film Centre. In 2011, he made his feature debut with the critically acclaimed Mozzarella Stories starring Luca Zingaretti, with whom he reunited three years later on the neo-noir drama Perez.

Best Original Screenplay, Best Supporting Actress (Antonia Truppo), Best Costume Design, Best Original Song, David di Donatello Awards 2017
Pasinetti Award for Best Film, Best Actress Gianni Astrei Award for Most Promising New Director, Venice Film Festival 2016

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