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Stories of Love That Cannot Belong To This World

A brilliant relationship dramedy from acclaimed director Francesca Comencini (TV’s Gomorrah) who makes her return to feature filmmaking following the Venice Film Festival Golden Lion nominated A Special Day (2012), and The White Space (2009) which won the Pasinetti Award at Venice Film Festival.

Adapted from her own novel, the film explores the fallout for women at the end of a long-term relationship. Claudia (Lucia Mascino) and Flavio (Thomas Trabacchi) were once passionately in love, but all of that is over. Now, in their fifties, they must venture anew into the world of love and dating once more but for Claudia confronting the end and accepting a new beginning isn’t so easy. Claudia is unwilling to let go and forget the life she’s built with Flavio, while Flavio, eager to move on, soon finds himself in a relationship with a much younger woman. Claudia soon reconnects with Nina, a student from her days as a professor. The film becomes a portrait of two generations, a story of how not only age but life experience allows the four to find new ways to relate to one another.

Francesca Comencini
Lucia Mascino, Thomas Trabacchi, Carlotta Natoli, Valentina Bellè, Camilla Semino Favro, Filippo Dini, Iaia Forte
Italian with English Subtitles | 2017 | 92 mins | Comedy
15+ (exemption)
Francesca Comencini
Director: Francesca Comencini

Although she was planning to be a writer and studied philosophy at university she instead followed in her father's footsteps (Luigi Comencini, Bread, Love and Dreams), writing and directing her first feature in 1984: Pianoforte. The film won the De Sica Award at the Venice Film Festival. Stories of Love is her fifteenth directorial effort.

Locarno Film Festival, 2017

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